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[links] Link salad is as stubborn as those garbage bags that time cannot decay

From Kerouac To Rand, 'Harmful' Reads For Writers — Hmmm.

Is the Book Cover Dead?It sure doesn't look good. Thanks, technology.

Letter from Philip K. Dick to Jeff Walker regarding "Blade Runner" — Wow. (Via [info]danjite.)

The Missed Spanish Opportunity to Conquer China That Wasn’t — A weird little alt.hist stub that popped up in the political news.

Block That Comma! — Hahaha! Comma snark and The New Yorker. (Via my friend M—.)

Vintage movie posters for scary movies — Muahahahah!

Stonehenge you can bounce on — Mmm, inflatable trilithons. (From a mailing list I'm on.)

Evolution seen in 'synthetic DNA' — Wow.

New report recommends NASA rethink how it avoids contaminating other worlds

In the City, Bright is the New Black — White rooftops and urban temperatures.

Early Bloomers[T]his year, after a record warm winter, blueberry bushes began to flower on April 1, six weeks earlier than in Thoreau’s time. Amazing, how liberals can get even the plants to cooperate in their climate change fraud. Thank God for good conservative outlets such as FOX News and Rush Limbaugh who keep those nasty, biased facts away from Real Americans.

'Girls' Through The Veil — Ta-Nehisi Coates on the representation of race in media. A very good read in its own right, as well as being food for thought for those of us who spend time working on writing the other.

Obama Faces Entrenched Resistance Among Some White Voters — Nope. No racism here. Not in conservative America. No sirree bob. Especially not from all those angry white conservatives who never said a damned thing about Bush's wars, deficits or economic collapse until Obama became president and they could blame him.

Homophobia may reveal denial of own same-sex attraction, study suggests — I long ago reached the point of assuming that homophobia was a combination of religious bigotry and repressed homosexuality. That reality has been confirmed over and over and over.

Don't Blame "Corporate Personhood"Citizens United decimated what remained of campaign-finance reform, but the damage has been long in the making.

Tax rates are at historic lowsThis is a fact. It is a true thing. You can look it up. But as with many facts these days, this fact is rejected by people who feel that facts are only factual if you “believe” in them. Thus we have one of the stranger aspects of American politics just now: Millions of citizens angry with President Obama for raising their taxes despite the fact that he actually lowered them. Welcome to conservative America, where reality takes a distant back seat to manufactured outrage and ideological convenience.

USDA to Let Industry Self-Inspect Chicken — Ah, the conservative dream of industry self-regulation springs to life again. What could possibly go wrong? Look how well it worked out for Enron, and Goldman-Sachs, and the entire mortgage industry, and the entire tobacco industry, and… (Via [info]danjite.)

Cantor Suggests Anti-Semitism Is A Problem Within The House GOP Caucus — What, conservatives? Discriminating against someone on the basis of religion or race? Just as inconceivable as conservative discrimination by gender would be. Inconceivable, I tell you.

The Sympathy Gap — Republicans, in their own words. Disgusting. (Snurched from Slacktivist.)

GOP Senate Candidate Raese Compares No-Smoking Sign To Jewish-Star Patches — Conservatives: providing thoughtful, measured leadership on critical American issues since, um, never.

Condi Rice on veep slot: ‘Thank you, but no’ — Smart woman.

?otd: Are you sentimental, if you know what I mean?

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