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[links] Link salad wanders into Monday

John Cleese on Creativity — (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

Post-Prozac NationThe Science and History of Treating Depression.

Why North Korean 'racist dwarfs' really are three inches shorter than their cousins in South Korea — Headline from the Daily Mail.

Quantum Rainbow Photon Gun Unveiled — :: wamts ::

How science failed during the Gulf oil disaster

Wal-Mart probe could cost some executives their jobs — Now, if they were Wall Street execs, these guys would just get bigger bonuses.

Former presidential hopeful John Edwards faces trial — And he was supposed to be one of the good guys. Of course, if he'd been a Republican, this never would have gone to trial. See Vitter, Craig, etc. for what happens to GOPers with sex scandals.

Mitt Romney’s secretsMitt Romney's contemptuous attitude toward the importance of public disclosure is increasingly troubling. Whether it involves the details of his personal finances or the identity of his big fundraisers, the presumptive Republican is setting a new, low bar for transparency.

?otd: Huh? What happened?

Writing time yesterday: 1.25 hours (2,800 words on Their Currents Turn Awry)
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 7.75 (solid)
Weight: 241.4 (!)
Currently reading: Somewhere Else by Sally McLennan

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