Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] Write to Publish

Had a good time yesterday at Ooligan Press' Write to Publish conference. [info]kenscholes was there, as was [info]ramblin_phyl, Jason Brock and a number of other folks. Plus I meant some neat new people, including Allison Moon.

It was a well-run conference put on by Portland State University's student-run press. The panels were nicely moderated with some good questions. The mix of folks attending was rather different from what I see at SF conventions, et cetera.

I dragged a little more than I expected I would, due to pain and fatigue from Friday's chest port extraction. Still, very glad I went. Wouldn't mind going again next year if they do more genre stuff.

Tags: cancer, conventions, friends, health, personal, portland

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