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[links] Link salad hangs out in Seattle

Non Sequitur on the glamor that is publishing

Terminally Illin’: A Graphic Novel About a 20-Something Battling Cancer — Yeah, this. (Via [info]mikigarrison.)

Something in the prehistoric air that helped keep it warm - methane from dinosaur digestion

Google gets a license for self-driving cars in Nevada

Radio-Controlled GenesRadio waves can be used to activate calcium-sensitive genes by heating injected nanoparticles.

So you're a cyborg -- now what? — The brain and information technology.

Do as I Do, Not as I Say — An interesting essay on the differences in thinking between conservative Evangelicals and secular liberals. Unfortunately, the author doesn't at all address the pervasive intellectual dishonesty, shrieking bigotry and gospel of hatred that are so deeply entwined in the Evangelical movement, but rather seems to idealize the movement.

Advocates of same-sex marriage in Maryland hope to break losing streak — Speaking of shrieking bigotry and the gospel of hatred.

Don’t blame the BibleMany in North Carolina — many around the country — are swimming against the tide of human freedom and blaming God for it. Again, this is not a new thing. We saw it back when God was for segregation and against women’s suffrage.

The most, and least, safe states in America — Amazingly enough, those law-and-order Red states full of gun toting' "real Americans" are the least safe. All us unarmed coastal liberals live in better, safer conditions. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh can explain this.

Mitt Romney Was Arrested For Disorderly Conduct In 1981The charges were dropped after Romney threatened to sue. Yeah, that works so well for most of us. Can you say 'entitlement'?

Treason?At live event, Romney doesn’t dispute questioners suggestion that President Obama should be tried for treason. A bit later, in response to reporters’ questions, he said “of course” he doesn’t believe the president should be tried for treason. Wow, the Romeny Etch-a-Sketch is operating in near realtime. Wonder what Your Liberal Media is saying about this?

Obama's Afghan war unhindered by partisan fights"Should Mitt Romney win the election," he observed, he doubts many on the left "who have refrained from criticizing President Obama for such things as the use of drones will extend the same courtesy" to Romney. Sigh.

?otd: Been to University Books lately?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (0.75 hours and 1,400 words on Their Currents Turn Awry to first draft completion at 149,100 words; 1.25 hours of WRPA)
Body movement: 1.0 hour urban walk
Hours slept: 7.0 (fitful)
Weight: n/a
Currently reading: The Constantine Affliction by T. Aaron Payton

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