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[links] Link salad flies back to Detroit

Naked Cavorts the EmperorScrivener's Error on the political and legal realities of author's organizations.

Dragon to rendezvous with the space station — Another candidate for headline of the week.

Top Ten Things I Would Do if I Were Jesus — Hahahah. From that vile apostate [info]kenscholes.

Charles L. Worley seems to be training others to be just a awful as he isSlacktivist Fred Clark on that North Carolina Christianist rant against the gay community.

Did the Catholic organizations have to sue over the health care mandate? — Objectively, no. This is religious meddling in politics. I've always believed that freedom of religion rests on freedom from religion. Millions of Americans obviously think otherwise.

American Airlines Rejects Female Passenger Because Political Pro-Choice T-Shirt is "Inappropriate" — Or possibly because of the presence of the word "Fuck" on the shirt. Still, come on. (Snurched from Meg Turville-Heitz.)

White Resentment, Obama, and Appalachia — Ta-Nehisi Coates on race and politics.

Lunatics, Imbeciles and Saboteurs — Bruce Arthurs on the Arizona birthed idiocy. Of course, modifying the noun "birthed" with "idiocy" is wholly redundant. WaPo with more on this: In Arizona, more birther buffoonery.

An Obama Spending Spree? HardlyA dominant theme of the national political discourse has been the crushing spending spree the U.S. has ostensibly embarked on during the Obama presidency. That argument, ignited by Republicans and picked up by many elite opinion makers, has infused the national dialogue and shaped the public debate in nearly every major budget battle of the last thee years. But the numbers tell a different story. Your Liberal Media, of course, enables and abets the counterfactual conservative position on this question.

Why Mitt Romney won't get specific — Simple answer: Because nobody likes conservative policies when applied to them personally. Not even conservatives. Ie, "Cut spending on all those lazy, entitled people over there, but not my essential social service." If he gets specific, he loses votes all over the political spectrum.
?otd: Steampunk much?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (travel logistics, dad time)
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