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I am off to Detroit this morning for World Steam Expo. My thanks to the good folks there for the invitation and the support. I did learn something while packing: Don't leave your top hat until last, after you've filled the suitcase. I hope this will be a relaxing weekend, but, heck, I don't know. I do know it will be a fun weekend.

A bunch of Dad time yesterday, including homework as well as watching the first episode of Sherlockimdb ] with [info]the_child and her mother. Then N— brought over a lovely strawberry-rhubarb pie for us all to share. Mmm.

Life stuff going on otherwise which I need to process. Also, I had a recent severe bout of Impostor Syndrome, which is unusual for me. Still trying to frame that in my head, and whether it's worth discussing in detail here on the blog. More than one close friend was surprised that I have episodes of that very common writerly affliction.

I've drafted a blog post about male sexuality and chemotherapy that I'm wrestling with how to put online. Of necessity it's very explicit, not to mention somewhat personally revealing. I don't have any particular discomfort in talking about that sort of thing publicly, but the editorial voice of this blog is usually PG-13 at most, plus or minus a few choice expletives. Even putting it under a cut won't keep me from being indexed by Google, for example, and I don't really want to show up in searches on certain sexual terms.

I am torn between what I see as a critically important need to talk about rarely-discussed aspects of the cancer experience, and not wanting to alienate my audience by what will doubtless be seen by some as an over-the-top sexually explicitly discussion. So, thinking and editing. If I take too much out, it won't be as useful or impactful. If I leave too much in, it will violate the voice of this blog.


Meanwhile, I fly.

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