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[links] Link salad wakes up and wonders what the hell happened last night

The Fake Magazines Used in Blade Runner Are Still Futuristic, Awesome

The moon: look but don't touch, says Nasa — "He stuck a sign on every tree, saying this is private property…"

It Took Earth Ten Million Years to Recover from Greatest Mass Extinction — Warning, facts not valid for Young Earth Creationists and likely Republican voters.

Glenn Beck in ExileDon’t cry for the former Fox star—he’s building a 24/7 media empire in his loopy image. I'm pretty sure most conservative media and political figures are cynical opportunists who really do know better and really just don't care. Rush Limbaugh, for example. Beck, though, he strikes me as a true believer with a fervor and distorted internal reality bordering on mental illness.

GOP blames Obama for student debt in swing-state NH, ignores origins of problem — Really, that headline could just be "GOP blames Obama, ignores origins of problem" and it would pretty much cover the past four years.

?otd: Huh? What?

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Hours slept: 6.25 (solid)
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