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[personal] Punked, dreams, and other thoughts

The last week or so has been colored by some real challenges on the personal and professional front. Nothing I'm prepared to discuss yet, largely for reasons of others' confidentiality, but also not critical (or medical). Just disappointing and, well, challenging. And annoyingly simultaneous, as sometimes happens in life.

This weekend will be a basement party at Nuevo Rancho Lake, or at least my half of it. Team E— is coming over, as is [info]mleules, to stand on my toes and Enforce Justice with respect to actually purging things I don't need in my life. Also, [info]the_child's last lacrosse game happens Saturday. Conflict is the nature of drama, right?

Last night I dreamt I was driving down Mopac in Austin when a very peculiar railroad train passed me. (This isn't quite as weird as it sounds, as in real life the highway in part follows a railroad right of way, and so cars and trains often are heading along side by side.) The train consisted of an older Southern Pacific diesel locomotive that had been grafted together with a caboose and some miscellaneous machinery into one of those oddball maintenance-of-way work units you sometimes see. While driving my car, I pulled out a camera and began snapping photos, primarily for the benefit of [info]garyomaha and [info]kevin_standlee. Somehow, using the mighty power of his mind, the engineer (still in his locomotive cab hurtling down the tracks) began lecturing me (still in my car racing down the highway) about the national security implications of me publishing those photos, and did I know what the purpose of this unit was?

Interpretation of this dream is left as an exercise for the reader.

Also, I continue to mull some fairly deep thoughts on creativity, process and groups that are rising up out of my experiences at World Steam Expo. Look for a blog post here soon. Finally, speaking of WSE, here is a caricature of me done by the inestimable @howardtayler:


© 2012, Howard Tayler, reproduced with permission.

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