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[personal] Everybody's working for the weekend

Tomorrow morning, [info]mlerules and Team E— are coming over. We're going to spend most of the weekend sorting and cleaning my basement and garage.

It's become a chamber of horrors down there.

Some of that is due to significant neglect on my part during my bouts of illness these past few years. I pretty much gave up on my basement while dealing with the problems of using the stairs while on chemo. However, most of the problem is my hoarding tendencies. I'm not out of control, Nuevo Rancho Lake is not a garbage house. But let's just say I can see the edge from here.

Simply put, it's very hard for me to throw anything out. It might be useful! It might contain a special memory! Every time I throw something away, a week later I want it for something!

So my friends are going to stand on my toes and force me to think about what needs to be kept and what needs to go. Yes, that thirteen-year-old Sam's Club flat of peanut butter originally bought for Y2K probably doesn't need to be kept. Even I can see that. But what about my fifth grade Little League uniform?

I would love to get it all down to one room's worth of stuff. That will never happen, if nothing else because I have too many family heirlooms and antiques that I can't and won't simply give away. Plus the usual appurtenances of a household, like a dining table and a couch. But I sure could get rid of a lot of what clutters my world and simplify.

If only I could.

So, getting by with a little help from my friends this weekend.

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