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[movies] Snow White and the Hunstman

Yesterday evening, [info]the_child and I went to see Snow White and the Huntsmanimdb ].

Well. Let me see. My main reaction, as I commented on Facebook and Twitter last night, was that the entire movie chewed the rug. Enjoyable (or at least entertaining) but not all that good. A fun ride, though, and some real cool set piece moments scattered through the film. Charlize Theron was awesome as the wicked queen. The scenery really did its job well.

Distraction factor the first: the whole time I was watching this movie, I kept thinking that Kristen Stewart sure is a ringer for Cat Valente. (Not that this was the film's fault. I blame my brain and my longstanding wee crush on Cat.)

Distraction factor the second: Every time I tried to think about what was actually going on, it made my brain hurt. This movie is sort of the high fantasy equivalent of Cars 2imdb ]. Why was she wearing leather pants under her dress while locked in a prison cell? Why would a girl who'd spent the better part of a decade locked away know (or remember) how to ride a horse, let alone be in shape to do so? Are they all moving at relativistic speeds, because there sure is a hell of a lot of time dilation going on? Why… well, never mind. You get the idea.

Pros: Gorgeous, some pretty neat camera work, over the top in precisely the right self-conscious way to entertain me.

Cons: Didn't make much sense, lacked internal consistency, never grabbed either my head or my heart.

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