Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[child] And away she goes; as do we all

This morning [info]the_child departs with the rest of her class for their eighth grade trip. They're going to California for five days, to climb redwoods and ride horses and hike up mountains. She'll be back in time for JayCon, but most of this week will be quieter than usual around Nuevo Rancho Lake.

This is a bigger deal than might seem obvious. She's a Waldorf kid. In that system, the teacher stays with the class from first through eighth grade. So this is a good-bye trip for Mr. C— and the eighteen kids in his class. They've been like family to one another since 2004. More than half her life. Some of the kids she's going with she started mixed age kindergarten with at age three and a half. Eleven years she's been with them.

It's all about transitions this month in the Lake household. Me, purging my basement. [info]the_child leaving behind her grade school. My birthday coming up, celebrated in health and happiness for the first time in four years.

So, yeah.

And my daughter grows up another step. Maybe, so do I.

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