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[photos|personal] Cleaning and purging Nuevo Rancho Lake

Well, Team E— and [info]mlerules really came through above and beyond the call of duty this past weekend. All day Saturday and most of Sunday they cleaned, cleared, lifted, shifted and pushed me where I needed to be pushed. We took a full car load to the recycling drop point, a full load to Goodwill, and some stuff to Scrap. We set aside substantial goodies for JayCon door prizes. Also, magazines to Cameron's Books, and books to Powell's, as well as a whole stack of boxes to ship to archive.

There's still an enormous amount of work to be done in the basement, and some upstairs, but now it's down to a normal scale of effort, rather than the highly dysfunctional state the basement has been in. Plus my forthcoming JayCon house guests will be a lot more comfortable.

My profound thanks to Team E— and [info]mlerules.

Saturday Morning

The main basement space

The downstairs bathroom

More of the downstairs bathroom

The hallway

The garage

Sunday Morning

The main basement space

More of the main basement space

The garage

Sunday Afternoon

The main basement space

The downstairs bathroom

The hallway

The garage

As usual, more at the Flickr set.

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