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[personal] Bad teen aged poetry of mine

Whilst cleaning the basement here at Nuevo Rancho Lake with my loyal and long-suffering friends, we turned up some early work of mine. Below is a rather dreadful and pretentious science fiction poem I wrote at about age 16, judging from the handwriting. Oddly enough, I can see traces of concepts and usage which are present in my work today. (At least it isn't a love poem.)

Meanwhile, I give you the juvenilia of Jay Lake:
Wind whispers to Pines
Pond glows darkly and mutters under brightening Moon
And Dancer floats across Field
Dancing by the laser light
From Machine
Who sits and thinks under ancient Shield

Man has come to this place
2nd Imperial Guards Recon Battalion
Belching diesel smokes
And throbbing to electric tuns
Churning up muck
Spreading poisons with an evil croak

Lightly trail
Lover's caress

"Oh niner-six this is er-seven"
"Come on back er-seven"
"We got something"
"Come back"
"It's a machine, with lasers,
"And a… dancer…"
"Come back… come back?"

Wind knows
And shrieks the tale from Sea to Sky
Til even ancient Mountain knows
Mountain, the only one who remembers
Before the time of Dancers and Machine
Mountain, who never shows.

"…the first Π-Θ374.2/ARISSA expedition
failed for reasons unknown. The second
sent off this message fragment - "enemy gods
stare solidly down, Dancer saves us from our own."
It never returned. There is obviously something
terribly wrong, some horrible force, on
this planet. I therefore propose that we destroy
      secret minutes, HIH Ivan II's privy council
      meeting of 923.07.21

A child died...

Readers of this blog are encouraged to post their own juvenalia here in comments, or elsewhere while leaving a link here..
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