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[personal] So you say it's your birthday

Today is my twelfth annual thirty-seventh birthday. Which means I'm forty-eight.

Festivities got under way yesterday with spending much of the day (and evening) helping an injured friend through the medical system. [info]calendula_witch had done yeoperson's duty in taking our friend to the ER around midnight the night before, but I picked up the day shift. I tool her back to the ER for some pain management intervention, then to the orthopedic clinic for an urgent consultation, plus all the stuff you do for someone who's suffering from significant trauma as well being doped to the eyeballs on pain killers.

The best part was the reaction you get when you're a large man walking into the ER with small woman suffering from multiple fractures and contusions. No, really, I didn't do this to her. No, really.

So, no writing yesterday for good and obvious reasons, and severe neglect of the birthday oriented email that began flooding in.

Today is my actual birthday. Celebrations will include an hour with my therapist, lunch with [info]kenscholes, a birthday visit with @PDXjerseygirl, a very nice dinner with my family at the Chart House, and another birthday visit with an out of town friend after dinner.

Tomorrow is more out of town friend stuff, plus [info]the_child gets back from her eighth grade trip. Friday, JayCon prefestivities start with a party for the out of town visitors. Saturday, of course, is JayCon XII. [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]. Sunday is the wind-down from JayCon, plus the eight grade end-of-year picnic.

So, yeah. My birthday has morphed into a six-day celebration observed through hospital visits, hot tubbing and visitors from half a dozen states.

Most of all, thanks to my friend cancer, I'm quite surprised to still be alive.

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