Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[child] Great moments in parenting

Yesterday evening, [info]the_child, Lisa Costello and I were in the Genre car coming back from dinner with Donnie Reynolds. We'd enjoyed some of the usually excellent fare at Eastburn and discussed at length the current not-so-Sekrit Projekt I've been working on with Donnie for months. (Which, incidentally, is also why I didn't get any keyboard time on my writing yesterday.) Cats were herded, food was consumed, the evening air was enjoyed with the top down on the car.

We pulled into the garage at Nuevo Rancho Lake. [info]the_child looked up toward the ceiling. The following conversation ensued.

[info]the_child:"Dad, is that a whip?"
[info]the_child::: points ::
[info]jaylake:"No, that's just some wires on the wall."
[info]the_child:"Not those. That." :: points again ::
Lisa Costello::: dies laughing ::
[info]the_child:"I don't want to know, do I?"
[info]jaylake:"Actually, it's your mother's."

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