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[personal] Updatery and busy-ness

What a freaking week. It has included the tail end of JayCon, extended-stay houseguests, medical misadventures on the part of my injured friend, medical misadventures on the part of my mom, cancer stress arising therefrom, emotional curves ridden high and hard, eighth grade graduation, documentary filmmaking (about which more sometime in the next few days) and I don't know what all else. Oh, and I finished work on the revisions to the outline of Going to Extremes yesterday.

Except for the medical issues, this has all been good. Just borderline extreme. Filmmaker Donnie Reynolds is leaving this morning. Tomorrow [info]the_child leaves for a week-long visit with a friend in California. I'm off this afternoon for the Locus Awards, then I'm going to spend a few extra days up in Washington state just being low key. I have a lot of emotional work to do, all of it good and some of which I will eventually discuss here when I know what I actually think.

Saw this on [info]plunderpuss's LJ this morning. It's a photo of he and I from last year's Locus Awards. At that point I was either three or four sessions into my second chemo series. I was so tired. I believe that I showed up at the awards hotel, sat in a chair for an hour or two, then left again.

Compare to how I feel today.

Like I said, a lot of emotional work to do.

I may or may not be low bandwidth the next few days, depending on how inspired I am. I am deliberately slowing down. (If you count driving 400+ miles, partying with a bunch of folks, and not taking any time off work as "slowing down".)

In other notes, there will be a tad more work effort on Going to Extremes, then it is back to my agent for submittal. I blocked off June for miscellaneous projects, and I do want to write a few short stories. Writing gets heavy again in July.

Also in other notes, I did something last night I don't normally do, which was eat about 9 pm. Even worse, it was a piece of key lime pie. That will always bounce my weight upward, no matter how sensibly I've eaten otherwise. Microtracking my weight and eating, as I have done in the past, has taught me how my body responds to food. I know this. But there was key lime pie at the graduation reception.

Just a reminder that there's always a price to pay when you take your eye off the ball, even for a moment.

See some, all or none of you around the joint the next few days.

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