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[links] Link salad will pay, it will pay tomorrow

Paula Guran needs our community — The loss of a child is a devastation that even my imagination can scarcely encompass. Financial hardship for her son's final expenses shouldn't make things even worse.

First Steampunk Cruise — At which I am a guest author. Check it out.

China launches rocket carrying its first female astronaut

Male Homosexuality Study: Gay Men Have Evolutionary Benefit For Their Families, New Research Suggests — :: must not snark at this ::

"The last acceptable form of [SomeImmoralAttitude]" — A linguist perspective on labeling bigotry.

Opinion vs. bigotry -- and heartbreak[info]scarlettina with a personal observation on an important point. And she is absolutely right. Bigotry is bigotry, no matter how nice a person thinks they are, and how sincerely held their beliefs are.

There’s a pattern hereSlacktivist Fred Clark on the institutionalized racism of the Republican Party.

Immigration policy change stirs relief, doubt — It is so nice to see the administration doing the unambiguously right thing. I find GOP criticisms that Obama was "playing politics" with this decision to be bizarre, though. I mean, it's not like the Republican party has ever played politics with immigration, right?

The Only Thing To Fear… — You can't reason with unreasonable people. Welcome to conservative America.

Republicans say 'job killer.' Traditional media fails to challenge or fact-check. Then repeats it. — the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Associated Press used "job killer" just 16 times in the first three years of George W. Bush's presidency, but 201 times in the first three years of Obama's presidency, a 1,156 percent increase. Your Liberal Media, always supporting the conservative narrative.

?otD: Don't you want to sail this ship of fools no more?

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