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[links] Link salad tells you what to do, baby

Urban fantasy author (and very good friend of mine) J.A. Pitts is having a book launch tour in July this week [my error yesterday!] — He'll be in Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego. Check him out if you can.

I Have a Theory… — Richard Parks is wise about the theory of fiction.

Science gets burned by PrometheusRidley Scott had this viewer feeling like his innards were plucked out by birds.

The Secret of a Successful Programming Language? A Really Great Beard

Tending the Body’s Microbial Garden

Experiment raises doubt over Standard Model of physics — Um...

Spherical Flying Machine — This is rather unnerving. Basically, it's a helicopter insofar as I can tell. But weird. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

Planes on the landing strip — An-12s to be specific. A gorgeous photo from x-planes.

Chinese astronauts board home-built space station — Kind of a bizarre headline.

Non Sequitir on the intellectual fraud that is Intelligent Design — Heh. I always do wonder how Christianist evolution deniers square their behaviors with that whole Biblical thing about bearing false witness. I guess some of God's laws are more immutable than others. (c.f. eating shrimp vs. being gay.)

Reporter Who Heckled Obama for ‘Favoring Foreigners’ Is Himself Not American — Ah, the unbearable lightness of the conservative mind. Confidential to GOP in America: How in the hell do you people get up every morning without your heads exploding from cognitive dissonance?

Right Gives GOP Hell On Health Care, Taxes As Crises Loom — It's so rare to see the GOP paying any price at all for their incredibly destructive pandering to the far right. I don't have a lot of hope this will be any different.

Mitt Romney Spends Father’s Day Lying About His PastToday he told CSPAN that, “I didn’t go to law school, I didn’t practice law, but I like the idea of arguing points back and forth…” Somebody better tell Harvard Law School to demand their diploma back because Romney’s web site says that “After graduating from Brigham Young University in 1971, he earned dual degrees from Harvard Law and Harvard Business School.” This will of course pass unnoticed in Your Liberal Media, and low information conservative voters will simply nod and agree as usual.

Romney, cows and ice cream: Targeting conservative, white 'backbone'Obama has the cities? Well, Mitt Romney is aiming to strengthen the GOP core -- older white and blue-collar voters. And he has something to pin his effort on: the economy. That would be the same economy that crashed hard under the last period of Republican governance? That Obama has spent his entire presidency trying to dig the country out of in the face of absolute Republican opposition to any steps that might actually work, and thus make the president look good? Good thing for Romney and the GOP that voters apparently have no long-term memory.

?otD: Hey, kids, where are you?

Writing time yesterday: 2.5 hours (WRPA and a piece for the League of S.T.E.A.M.)
Body movement: 30 minute suburban walk
Hours slept: 6.5 (interrupted)
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