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[personal|photos] Hiking Tamanawas Falls

Yesterday, Team E— and I hiked Tamanawas Falls. This is a trail in the Mt. Hood National Forest, twenty or thirty miles south of Hood River, OR. We did the extended loop, which was a little over five miles, with a net 800 feet of elevation change, but probably double that in actual uphill walking due to varying terrain.

The falls themselves are gorgeous. A sort of punchbowl style cauldron, dropping perhaps eighty feet in a wide curtain. A lot of recent rain meant the river was running high and strong. The area around the falls was doubly soaked with spray and rain, and the rocks covered with moss. I'm still not completely sure on my feet post-chemo, so I didn't approach too closely. I would have loved to be behind the water curtain.

The walk was good but tiring. We were in fifty degree weather with pouring rain almost the entire hike. That Oregon rain that gets through your gear and into your skin and down to your bones. It took me a couple of hours afterward to warm up. I did bang my knee on a rock in one of the landslide sections of the trail, with a slight contusion but no joint pain, so I got off better than I deserved. We also came across a fresh and dangerous trail hazard which we reported to the ranger station down at Parkdale. After that we had a pretty good lunch at Apple Valley BBQ there in Parkdale.

A lovely hike, and a lot of fun, and I'm so glad I'm in the health to do these things these days. Now I just need to improve my trail conditioning.

Note: The following photos aren't up to my usual quality because I had only brought my iPhone on the hike. However, for cell phone photos, they're not bad.

Approaching the falls from downstream

The old trail's footbridge, as demolished by a fairly recent rockslide

Our first view of the falls, more or less

The falls in all their glory

As usual, more at the Flickr set.

Photos © 2012 Joseph E. Lake, Jr.

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