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[links] Link salad's tide is high

Tidal massaging reveals a hidden ocean on Saturn's moon, TitanIts ocean comes with an icy floor, so Titan is likely unable to support life.

Top CIA Spy Accused of Being a Mafia Hitman — Um, wow. (Via [info]danjite.)

Rise of the Planet of the SatanazisSlacktivist Fred Clark with more measured, rational discourse from the American right.

Low Life Expectancy tracks with Opposition to Obamacare (Map)With the exception of Utah, there is a pretty strong overlap between lower life expectancy and deep hostility to the Affordable Care Act. Those who need it most are most opposed to it.

What really happens to real people really mattersSlacktivist Fred Clark on the flip side of ACA, why opposing the casual cruelty of the conservative position really does matter.

A Vindication, With a Legacy Still Unwritten — Obama and HCR.

Legal scholars unsurprised by Roberts"Had the court ruled as the four dissenters would have had it -- in a 5-4 decision, red versus blue -- that the signature act of a Democratic administration was unconstitutional, I think that would have been a very serious threat to the legitimacy of the court." Concerns about naked partisanship didn't stop the Supreme Court from decapitating the national interest in favor of GOP interests in either Bush v. Gore or Citizens United.

'The Umpire' Strikes Back—and The Affordable Care Act Survives

Health Care As a Privilege: What the GOP Won’t AdmitDemocrats will confine the unfortunate to many forms of deprivation, but not deprivation of basic medical care. Republicans will. The GOP is the only mainstream political party in the advanced world to hold this stance. Are you still proud of your Republican party?

A Bill Seeking To Regulate Use of the Word VaginaIt’s time for the government to stop women from using anatomically correct terms. If I were a conservative, this would make sense to me. Of course, if I were a conservative, my head would implode from cognitive dissonance and intellectual dishonesty.

Texas GOP party platform opposes the teaching of "higher order thinking skills" -- a curriculum which strives to encourage critical thinking -- arguing that it might challenge "student's fixed beliefs" and undermine "parental authority." — In other words, the Republican party now explicitly and deliberately wants to make everyone's children stupid, not just their own. What does that say about their faith in their own positions and beliefs? This isn't me being an angry liberal ranter. This is conservatives in their own words. I weep for America that this seems reasonable to nearly half the voters in this country. (Thanks to [info]ulfhirtha.)

?otD: Are you going to be my number one?

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