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[personal] Doing stuff for the Fourth

It will be a nice day today. We are having a cookout at the home of Team E—, including [info]the_child, [info]lillypond (a/k/a my sister) and [info]mlerules as well as some other folks. Team E— is smoking pork butt and standing ribs, I am making my heart attack potato salad this morning. Running a bit behind on the cooking as I slept a little longer than expected, then took advantage of the holiday morning schedule to take a two-hour walk, including the lovely bit of the hidden urban canyon along the western end of the Springwater Trail.

Spotted on my walk (after I'd left the trail and was headed back to Nuevo Rancho Lake):


Somebody had a good Tuesday evening. About two dozen somebodies, I think.

Also, recently spotted in Laurelhurst Park:


Tomorrow and Friday morning, workie bits. Then I'm off to Seattle Friday afternoon with [info]the_child to connect up with [info]bravado111 and his daughter. A nice, social weekend after that, then I'm off to Omaha next week.

Y'all play nice and have a safe and happy Fourth.

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