Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] Cascade Writers, Day 3

Yesterday was the third day of Cascade Writers. A nice morning's walk, another long critique session, a lunchtime pizza-and-cake birthday party for the Scholes twins, then some writing time on Other Me and an afternoon of one-on-ones with the attendees in my critique session. I bugged out yesterday evening for a while with Amanda Clark to attend a friend's birthday party, then came back to close out the evening in the Applebee's bar across the parking lot, where I was apparently neither as mouthy nor as flirty as advertised.

One does so hate to disappoint.

Another short round of critique and discussion this morning, then a group lunch of an unspecified nature, then I am out of here. [info]the_child comes home this afternoon from her latest 100% parent-free out of town adventure, and I haven't really seen her since last Monday, so that will be good.

Plus more writing, of course.
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