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Reminder: I’m talking in Portland — Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, was here last night. I got to go hear him, and meet him afterward. He was awesome.

Stem Cells Could Fuel Cancer GrowthHow can a cancer come back after it's apparently been eradicated? Three new studies are bolstering a long-debated idea: that tumors contain their own pool of stem cells that can multiply and keep fueling the cancer, seeding regrowth.

Mystery of Mars still attracts space lovers

For Paternity Leave, Sweden Asks if Two Months Is Enough — Imagine the kind of Socialist hell it must be where fathers are expected to spend time with their newborn children, supporting their partners. I'm so glad American conservatives are here to stand foursquare against that kind of nonsense.

It’s the end of the world — chaos, the apocalypse, and well-woman visitsSo it seems that HHS and the USCCB have rather different views as to what today signifies. Who should we heed? I’m thinking that maybe the all-male, authoritarian patriarchy commissioned to enforce religious obedience might not be the best source of information on women’s well-being and/or religious liberty. So let’s go with HHS.

A History of Black Violence — Ta-Nehisi Coates is thoughtful. And sobering.

Chick-fil-A appreciation day brings fans, critics to streets — I've seen some of my conservative friends crowing online about Chick-fil-A's brave victory for free speech and values, and their commendable stance against the demons of political correctness. Which is such terribly confused thinking that it's hard to know where to start trying to correct it. I'll say this: surely Chick-fil-A and Mr. Cathy are free to advocate for any form of bigotry and hatred they please. No one is seriously arguing otherwise. But it's no denial of that right to call them on their vile rhetoric.

Chick-fil-A Introduces New Hate SauceDelighted customers mobbed the restaurants to try the zesty new sauce, with many chicken fanciers ordering their sandwiches with extra hate. “It’s so spicy it makes your mouth feel like it’s on fire—like a gay couple in hell,” said Harland Dorrinson, who sampled the sauce at a Chick-fil-A in Orlando.

Sanity and Insanity in American Politics (Bachmann, Sessions, Romney, and Chicken) — My favorite from the list in this link: Sen. Sessions: ‘I Am Offended’ By Views Of Climate Scientists. Which is classic conservative thinking. When the facts don't match your ideology, attack the facts. Conservatism cannot fail you, but you can fail conservatism.

Steve King Ponders The 'Telegram From Kenya' Scenario, For The Birthers — I wonder what color the sky is in conservativeland. It must be very pretty.

Romney’s WorldMitt’s insults, mistakes, and blunders abroad aren’t gaffes. They actually represent his true worldview. Hey, after Dubya (and Quayle), the GOP bar has been set so low that you'd need a metal detector and a backhoe to find it.

Mitt Romney could face huge hurdle with women voters in swing states — Huh. Yah think? Could being the candidate of the political party with a wide array of offensively anti-female policies and platform planks cause a problem with women voters? No one could have predicted that!

?otD: Scully or Mulder?

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