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[personal|science] Death from the Skies Comes to Portland

Last night I went to OMSI Science Pub at the Bagdad with [info]lillypond (a/k/a my sister), [info]rekr8 and a bunch of other folks to hear Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, give his Death From the Skies talk.

The BA was every bit as erudite and entertaining as I had hoped. He's a very engaging speaker with a personal style that is in the same quadrant as my own. In part, I was taking mental notes on how to improve my speaking skills, as there were a number of things I could learn directly from him. The presentation itself covered a topic with which I am already reasonably familiar — asteroids, comets and Earth impacts — but colored in an enormous amount of detail for me. I learned a lot in that respect, as well.

Afterwards, I got to hang a little while with the Science Pub crew as they took him out for a drink.


I don't fanboi out much, but did enough to get that photo and chat Dr. Plait up a bit. A lot of fun, if a rather late night for me.

Photo © 2012 Scott Frey, used with permission.
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