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[links] Link salad needs your prayers, it's true

In Defense of Trilogizing 'The Hobbit' — Now I have to survive cancer another year longer, damn it.

Movie Storybook Art from Pixar’s Josh Cooley — Wow. (Thanks to [info]willyumtx.)

Man Who Lost Hand to Gator Is Charged With Unlawful Feeding

Pittsburgh Noir: 1900 — I love this photo from Shorpy.

First Demonstration of A Quantum RouterChinese physicists unveil a router that uses a quantum control signal to determine the path of a quantum data signal.

‘Not the Freedom The American Dream Promises’ — What ‘Chick-Fil-A’ Appreciation Day means to gay people across America. People waiting with excitement and pride to show that they do not support equality. I suddenly felt like an alien in my own town, surrounded by people that i see everyday who jumped at the chance to show their evil side.

InkThe folks who whip up paranoia about voter fraud — mainly among minority groups — are just execrable. But many people have been duped. They actually think there’s a problem. And so politically it’s important to convince these folks, at least the ones who are duped in good faith — though being duped and being duped because you actually want to be duped is often a rather slippery distinction. Voter fraud is a very convenient thing for conservatives to be passionate about. It allows them to feel virtuously non-partisan while quite coincidentally suppressing overwhelmingly Democratic constituencies. Too bad the fraud is a fraud. Not that facts ever get in the way of a good ideological sweat.

“Obama Is Muslim” Meme Rising Among RepublicansA new religion-and-politics poll from Pew shows the percentage of Republicans who say the president is a Muslim has risen from 16 percent in October of 2008 to 30 percent today. Among self-identified “conservative Republicans,” those subscribing to the Muslim Meme is all the way up to 34%. Meanwhile, these people vote in the real world, even though they don't live in it.

The Truth is Dead[F]or the GOP, the truth died. Everything they say about health care is a lie. (Snurched from Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

American Enterprise Institute: U.S. Austerity Measures Hurting Broader Economy — Oh, man, those raging Socialists over at AEI. Conservatism cannot fail America!

GOP strategist: Republicans have a "brand problem"Republicans "have a real brand problem" because voters see them as "not caring about their interests," McKinnon said. Oddly enough, that would be because Republicans don't care about the interests of most voters. Romney is running explicitly on a platform of raising taxes for the middle class in order to support tax cuts for the wealthy, while continuing to further defund assistance to the poor. It's hard to see how that counts as caring about the interests of anyone but the 1%. (Unless, of course, you believe in the Supply Side Economics Tax Cut Fairy, but the last 30 years of reality have pretty much put paid to that myth.)

Mitt Romney’s credibility gapRomney has a credibility problem. One that only he can solve. One that he doesn’t seem capable of solving. You know, the more I think about this tax return thing, the weirder it gets. Not to mention which consider basic fairness. Think about how all those conservatives defending Romney's privacy would have reacted to Clinton or Gore or Obama refusing to release their tax returns. Can anyone honestly claim that the Rush Limbaughs of the world would have stood up for Bill Clinton's personal privacy?

Nine takeaways on Romney’s tax plan — Math is hard, let's vote Republican.

?otD: Did you save a few for Lefty, too?

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