Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] WorldCon schedule

I will be at WorldCon this year. I'm traveling Wednesday and Monday of Labor Day weekend, so I'll be around the convention from Thursday to Sunday, plus a bit of Monday morning. Here's my official schedule thus far:

Friday, August 31st
10:30 amArtistic Collaboration
1:30 pmThe Steampunk Genre
4:30 pmAutograph Session

Saturday, September 1st
9:00 amWorld Building Workshop
1:30 pmMoral Ambiguity in SF

Sunday, September 2nd
10:30 amCommitting Series
1:00 pmReading
3:00 pmStalking the Elusive Story Idea
TBAHugo Awards Ceremony

I'm already setting some business meetings and some social commitments. If you'd like catch up to me, please email me privately. Otherwise, I'll try to be available in whatever bar turns out to be the writerly hangout, as well as the evening pro parties.
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