Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|cancer] Staying busy

Keeping the stress monster at bay here. Had a full workday yesterday, including a lunchtime trip to the optometrist, and drop-in at the blood lab for some basic metabolic panels (ie, not connected to cancer). Interestingly, my eye guy started talking to me about life, fate and cancer in the middle of the exam. I figured I was about to get witnessed to. It happens. Except he was talking about atheism, it turned out. Actually, I'd thought he was a Mormon. I've never been witnessed to by an atheist before. We had a fine old time discussing it.

After work I spent some time with Jersey Girl in Portland, then had dinner with [info]mlerules. A bit later in the evening, I spent a little over an hour in front of the camera being interviewed by Donnie Reynolds for the documentary project. Then I watched a little anime with [info]the_child and went to bed early so I could get up and walk this morning.

So, yeah.

Today is rather slower. Work, lunch with [info]calendula_witch, a haircut this afternoon, and some more camera time with Donnie. After today, it gets a lot busier, right on through next week's Big Festival of Oncology.

It is to gibber in the quiet places.

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