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[links] Link salad's gonna make momos

Art photography: When 'reality isn't good enough'

The Super-villain's Dress-Code

Negotiating with hallucinations

Male sandpipers do better by choosing sex over sleep — Been there, done that.

Vast volcanic 'raft' found in Pacific, near New ZealandA navy officer described the floating spectacle as the "weirdest thing" he had seen at sea.

Gmail's 2-Step Verification: Some FAQs

Heat Wave: The Best Reporting on our Rising Temperatures — A collection of items which may be of interest to those of you in the reality-based community.

Keystone — A fascinating article on the proposed pipeline.

David Berkowitz On Gun Control: The Son Of Sam Makes More Sense Than Most Politicians

Actual Election Fraud — By actual Republicans. Which would not be controlled at all by so-called "voter ID" laws.

He would have chosen his money — Digby asked the same question that a lot of the rest of us have been asking about Mitt Romney's taxes. Mitt has known since at least 2006 that he wanted to be the leader of most powerful nation on earth and probably much longer than that. But apparently he's never wanted it so much that he would willingly pay his taxes in such a way that they would be above reproach.

Mitt Romney: Gold Medal in Dishonesty — A one-time acquaintance and co-religionist of Romney's speaks out. (Via [info]madrobins.)

?otD: Got yak?

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