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[links] Link salad has got nothing today

A reader reacts to my novel Green

Wanted, Dead or Alive: Used Books — Larry McMurtry's great sell-off.

Where Do Sentences Come From?

US Army hybrid airship takes flight — Tobias Buckell with the link.

A new space race: Companies vie to haul cargo, passengers

$100 Million Security System Breached by Drunken Jet Skier — Um, yeah.

Simplifying SexWhat Some Priests Don’t Understand About Contraception. Um, yeah.

Big tobacco's bid almost out of puff — Australia continues to push successfully against smokes.

U.S. Maternal Health Crisis Facts — Wow. (Via [info]danjite.)

SMBC on the history of revolution — Hahahah.

French soul search as Amiens is hit by 'urban guerrilla warfare'France vowed to clamp down on a new wave of civil unrest after one of the most deprived suburbs in the country descended into "urban guerrilla warfare" in some of the worst scenes of violence for years. Sigh.

'The Jefferson Lies' is recalled by publisher Thomas Nelson“We took all of those concerns seriously [and] learned that there were some historical details included in the book that were not adequately supported,” said the publisher, which focuses on releasing Christian-based titles. "Some historical details"? We're talking Christianist revisionism. Wholesale false witness about the history of our culture. (Given that in Evangelical circles, Exodus 20:16 doesn't bear nearly the significance that, say, Leviticus 18:22 does. It's only one of the Ten Commandments, after all.) I'd be amazed if any of the history was supportable.

How Republicans Sabotaged the RecoveryThe economy didn't jump. It was pushed. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Fact Check: Ryan budget plan doesn't actually slash the budget — I have a strong policy of never linking to FOX News, even for wire stories, due to their pervasive and explicit dishonesty, but this is a very weird story to see on the news service that has made its entire fortune out of being Republican fluffers. (Also, as I expect this story to vanish pretty quickly, here's a screen shot from Tuesday morning around 10:20 am.)

Romney Visits Iowa ‘Farmer’ Who Is Also A Millionaire Real Estate Mogul With A Spaceship House And Personal Car Wash — Yep, rock ribbed conservatism, representing the interests of the middle class and independent businessmen everywhere.

?otD: Tell me something I don't know?

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