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[cancer] You, me and my state of mind

First and foremost, I need to thank literally hundreds of people, from dear friends to total strangers, for the outpouring of support I've experienced over the past few days. Because yes, in short, this resurgence of cancer is a terrible, horrifying event that I have barely begun to process.

I have received e-cards, social media comments, direct emails, and much more. Donations have been made in my name. Donations have been made directly to me. People have asked how they can help me, help [info]the_child. I have received notes from medical professionals, healthcare researchers, other cancer patients.

I love you all. I wish I could respond to everyone individually.

Thank you all.

Meanwhile, I continue to vacillate between rage, abject terror, and denial. It's a hell of a ride. And it's only going to get a whole lot worse.

As for the details, phone calls continue to fly between various quarters as I set the pins for the next nine months or so. Also, I'm off to the nuclear medicine department this morning for a PET scan. We're not expecting anything new, this is intended to confirm the CT scan. Also, we're looking for additional small, undetected metastases.

As long time readers know from my previous comments on PET scans, I call this the Department of Giant Radioactive Spiders. Because, you know, it's weird. Any medical procedure that involves lead-lined boxes, tungsten-jacketed syringes, and intravenous fluid the color of irradiated Gatorade can't help but be weird.

Wish me and my tumors well.

In other news, Lisa Costello heads back east Saturday morning. After that, I'll be at Portland GEAR Con much of the weekend. Come down and visit if you're in the greater Portland metropolitan area. Off to Omaha Monday on the last of my usual business trips prior to about May of next year.

I've been thinking I need to name my three tumors. Here's some ideas I'm noodling. Please suggest your own thoughts in comments. There will be a poll soon.
  • Manny, Moe and Jack

  • Larry, Curly and Moe

  • Emerson, Lake and Palmer

  • Shirley, Goodness and Mercy

  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

  • Caspar, Balthazaar and Melchior

  • Tinker, Evers and Chance

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