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[links] Link salad went flying last night

To Detect a Starship — Another approach to SETI, from Centauri Dreams.

A single molecule magnet may enable quantum computing — Wow.

A Believer — Hahahaha. Darwin vs. Jesus.

Iceland Was Right, We Were Wrong: The IMF — Uh, yeah. Also this: Iceland's Fair Value Vultures. (Thanks to [info]threeoutside.)

The end of WASP rule?One cannot but wonder if a lot of the hatred and partisanship in politics (e.g., the appearance of the tea party out of nowhere) is a manifestation that the guard is changing and the people who used to run the show don't any more. Some of them may not be taking the end of their monopoly graciously. Oh, well, at least Sarah Palin's "Real Americans" always have their Second Amendment solutions. (Via David Goldman.)

Mike Huckabee Would Like to Remind You That Rape Has Created Some Extraordinary People — Because conservatives are classy mother fuckers. (Thanks to [info]shsilver.)

Islamic Shariah & Todd Akin/Paul Ryan on Abortion & Legitimate Rape — As Akin has reminded us yet again, conservative America is a deeply frightening place if you place any value on human rights or quality of life.

Well, They *Should* Be Defending AkinLawyers, Guns and Money states the obvious: that Akin was only saying what the GOP has been saying for years. He was just a little too honest for the swing voters Romney is trying to court.

Such a lonely wordSlacktivist Fred Clark with an excellent collection of links on the Romney campaign's knowing and deliberate dishonesty — not issues of partisan spin, but flat-out, easily refuted lies that are absorbed by Your Liberal Media and the voters without much challenge. Post-truth works for conservatives. Which is logical enough, given their explicit rejection of evidence-based thinking and the reality-based community.

Paul Ryan's Irish ProblemMitt Romney’s running mate is making the same economic mistakes that hurt his forefathers in the Great Famine, writes author John Kelly. (Via Janelle Lohr.)

What Paul Ryan's Budget Plan Would Mean for an Average Family — The devil is, as always, in the details.

?otD: Balloon much?

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