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[links] Link salad walks under morning skies

Meet the Villains – Part 4 — Editor Gabrille Harbowy blogs about When The Villain Comes Home, with a brief squib from and about me.

The place and time of Proto-Indo-European: Another roundLanguage Log on the tongue of my (linguistic) ancestors. And quite possibly yours, too, if you're reading this blog.

Helium Breathing Apes Display Operatic Vocal Skills — "Helium Breathing Apes" will be the name of my next rock band.

Going public with depression

Risky activity proved deadly — This is a sad and serious little editorial, but the headline is just weird.

Cable-Shaped Batteries with a Twist — This is a cool piece of future tech.

Two amazing Curiosity descent videos

Jawless fish purges 20 percent of its genome from most cellsWeird biology: the lamprey only keeps its full genome in its germ cells.

The Problem With Men Explaining ThingsCountless women are being told that they are not reliable witnesses to their own lives, that the truth is not their property, now or ever.

On August 18, after I cleared multiple TSA security checks, a Delta pilot denied my right to board a flight — He was wearing a scary t-shirt, apparently. This is a crazy story. Feel safer now? (Thanks to my Aunt M.)

We'll make a killing out of food crisis, Glencore trading boss Chris Mahoney boastsDrought is good for business, says world's largest commodities trading company. This is precisely why conservatives push for less regulation. Because the enlightened self interest of large corporations is far more trustworthy than any amount of bureaucratic dedication to the public interest. Remember kids, in a more regulated business environment, this kind of thing wouldn't happen, and then where would we be as a society? (Thanks to [info]danjite.)

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader

Forget the Mormon moment; it's about Catholics — And at this moment, when the Catholic church's moral authority is at its absolute nadir, and most deservedly so given the lack of priests, bishops and cardinals in prison for the decades of system pedophilia and coverups. Tell me again about the lack of ethics among liberals?

Minn. Lawmaker in Sex Scandal Getting out of Race — Hey, look, a Democrat.

Texas Judge Warns Of ‘Civil War, Maybe’ If Obama Wins — And UN takeovers! The fact that this man is a credible candidate for political office is further evidence that conservatives have gone batshit insane.

Akin to beSlacktivist Fred Clark with an excellent collection of links on Rep. Akin and his accidental exposure of the real Republican id.

Todd Akin on Gay Rights: 'No Civilization That Has Condoned Homosexual Marriage Has Survived' — Akin really is the monster from the Republican id, given voice. He isn't saying anything that hasn't been starkly apparent in GOP party platforms and internal speeches for years. He's just saying it in public where independents and swing voters who never pay attention to internal party politics can actually notice.

Do You Get It?The intensity of the desire to banish Akin from the 2012 cycle is exactly in proportion to Republicans’ perceived vulnerability on what the Democrats term the “War on Women”. And that means they feel pretty damned vulnerable. Akin is particularly ignorant and offensive. But his basic points are actually pretty similar to what a large swath of the Congressional GOP believes. Precisely what I've been saying all along. The GOP's faux outrage over Akin's statements aren't because they disagree. It's because they're afraid of being accountable to voters outside the conservative base for their core beliefs.

The making of Paul Ryan

Leaked documents on $250m Romney fortune fuel Republican crisis

?otD: Get out much?

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