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[links] Link salad blinks at Sunday

Black Gate on Tales From the Fathomless Abyss — In which I have a story.

Let's have a meeting — Roger Ebert on "lip flap". Hilarious and to the point.

The Tacky History of the Pink Flamingo

Striper[A]rtist Simon Rouby became fascinated by the ongoing painting and repainting of traffic lines on the freeways and streets of Los Angeles, like some vast and unacknowledged readymade art project.

Martians, flying saucers discovered on Mars, report extremely unreliable sources

PhoneSat Flight Demonstrations — Cellphones in satellites? Really? Wow, the future, she is here.

Syracuse makes real lava in parking lot for kicks (and science)

Nikola Tesla gets some of the recognition he deserves, thanks to The Oatmeal's internet campaign

The dark side of light: negative frequency photonsThe impact of something we thought couldn't exist has now been detected. I've been on dates like that.

Why It Pays to Submit to Hackers

US nurse throws away kidney from living donor, ruins it

Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews — Hahaha. (Thanks to Lisa Costello.)

Plot to Provoke war with Iran thwarted by Navy analyst — In case you were still under the delusion that the Bush administration acted either morally or in the national interest.

Political Chat: Missouri Comments Echo In Northwest Politics

Tea party lawmakers torn between ideology, reality — This just in: reality fails to conform to rigid ideological preconceptions. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh could explain how simple this all really is.

Republican Convention Delayed As Isaac Approaches — Isn't this where Pat Robertson comes out and tells us that God is punishing the affected event? I guess God doesn't punish conservatives, though.

?otD: Sunday morning again?

Writing time yesterday: 1.25 hours (1.0 hours of WRPA, 0.25 hours of revisions on Other Me)
Body movement: 60 minute urban walk
Hours slept: 5.0 (interrupted)
Weight: n/a
Currently reading: Heartland by Mark Teppo

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