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[links] Link salad motors into Monday

Neil Armstrong: 1930 – 2012 — I can remember, just barely, watching the moon landing on a tiny black and white television.

Curiosity on Mars: Mt. Sharp in View

Cyborg Tissue Monitors CellsResearchers at Harvard University have constructed a material that merges nanoscale electronics with biological tissues—a literal mesh of transistors and cells. The future is amazing.

No word for self-awareIt must be because there’s no concept of cash in white culture. Did you know they have twenty different words for “coffee” but no word for “self-aware?” Hahaha.

Former Republican Fla. Gov. Crist endorses President Obama

Top Ten Pieces of Bad News for Romney on Eve of Convention — This piece certainly hits all of my confirmation biases, but it also raises some interesting points.

GOP ponders Bushes past and futureSince 2008, Republicans have taken extraordinary pains to distance themselves from the legacy of Bush 43, whom many Americans identify closely with a global financial meltdown and the war in Iraq. Notice the careful phrasing that frames Bush's objective personal responsibility for these two disasters as a matter of partisan opinion. Your Liberal Media, supporting the conservative narrative since forever.

Republican Convention Schedule ChangedAnn Romney's speech, originally scheduled for Monday, has been moved to Tuesday, so it will be covered. In some ways, she is the most important speaker at the convention and the only one who can poke fun at Mitt Romney and humanize him. She often mentions the time he was speaking somewhere and he said to her: "Sweetheart, in your wildest dreams, did you ever see me coming here and speaking to this group?' And she said: 'Mitt, you aren't in my wildest dreams." Heh. (Via David Goldman.)

?otD: Been driven?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (took the day off)
Body movement: 60 minute urban walk
Hours slept: 5.5 (solid)
Weight: 237.8
Currently reading: Heartland by Mark Teppo

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