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[conventions] Worldcon, day zero

So far, so good. Yesterday's travel was punctuated by various grades of frustration, though ultimately successful. My flight from PDX to LAX was 25 minutes late into the gate, which made my connection from Terminal 6 to Terminal 4 remarkably problematic, especially as I missed the transfer bus by one minute. Luckily for me, my flight from LAX to ORD was late in boarding. On the plus side, one of my fellow passengers clocked me upside the head with his rollerbag, as my skull was apparently getting between him and the overhead bin space he desired access to. Silly skull.

I did get almost two hours of revisions in on Other Me in flight, which was nice, and read more Mark Teppo. On arrival at ORD, I ran into Rochelle U. and Ken B. in the luggage claim, so we shared a cab to the hotel, which spared me dealing with the train.


We were quite amused to note the vomit clean-up fee on the rate card.


At the hotel, I ran into the usual forest of friends and acquaintances before final finding my room and my roomie, Sally McLennan. She and I eventually toddled off to Three Aces for a truly fantastic meal. Highly recommended!


This morning I went for a walk along the riverfront, then the lakeshore. Some odd sites, including a Chicago police car graveyard and some curious public art.



Not to mention me discovering that it's a bad idea for me to forget to pack my hairbrush.


Wound up breakfasting with Scott Edelman and Bob Silverberg, which was pleasant and funny. Now sorting out my day, which will be low key. After today I'm stuck on fast forward, so I'll be enjoying the relatively mellow proceedings for now.

See some, all or none of you around the joint here.

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