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[conventions] Worldcon, day one

Yesterday was my only light day here at Chicon 7. I have seven programming items between today and Sunday, every meal booked with someone, a number of non-mealtime meetings, and the Hugo reception and ceremonies to attend. So naturally the day was packed.

I spent much of my day loitering in the lobby of the convention hotel. There's a point where you can see and be seen by everyone moving between the convention space, the dining/bar space and the East Tower rooms. It's a good time to catch people.


[info]kproche and [info]stina_leicht, who accidentally matched

Had a business lunch with [info]klingonguy of the small press Paper Golem. Sally McLennan sat in as well. Then Elizabeth Stephan and I hung a while, before cruising the dealers' room.

(Photo by Elizabeth Stephan, © 2012, used with permission.)

The day wound up with a social dinner with [info]klingonguy, Mrs. [info]klingonguy, Dr. Marc Okrand (inventor of the Klingon language), and Sally McLennan. We at a place called q.

I have two words for you: Bacon sausage.

Yes, as in sausage made from bacon.


I mean, there was other stuff, like some truly world class pork ribs, some darned good brisket, and chocolate mousse on a pretzel crust with salted caramel. And some godawful food pickles. And cornbread. And hush puppies. And chips. But bacon sausage.

Bacon sausage.

By the time we got back to the Hyatt, I was pretty burned out, so I skipped the partying and retired. Hoping I'll hold up better these next few nights, as today and the days to come are much more scheduled than yesterday was.

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