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Date: 2012-09-01 05:22
Subject: [conventions] Worldcon, day two
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Yesterday was more of s blur. I was heavily scheduled from my 6 am walk to my midnight crash-for-sleep. Started out the day on the lakeside with [info]fjm, followed by breakfast and some hang time with Amy Sundberg. That segued into my panel on artistic collaboration. The panel was lightly attended but went quite well.

My fellow panelists

The cute little time clock they brought us — every convention ought to do this

After that panel I had lunch with Lezli Robyn and her fiancee J—. We ate at the Elephant & Castle, outside under the El tracks. Hmm. On the other hand, my Yorkshire pudding was pretty good.

My lunch dates

My lunch

After that was another good panel, a general discussion of steampunk, with some pretty strong co-panelists and a highly engaged audience in a packed room.


Some of my co-panelists

I then met up with Patrick Hester and John DeNardo of SF Signal to record a podcast interview. That got a little deep, but was a very good experience. Post-interview, I spent an hour autographing next to the redoubtable Charlie Stross, with some pretty good conversation, and tons of of traffic for me. Tons more for him, of course, which is fun to see.

Post-autographing, Sally McLellan and I went out for a nice dinner and a lakeside carriage ride. That was very lovely, indeed. The evening capped off with a tour of the big pro parties, including a stop to see ThinBot, the bartending robot built by [info]kproche and [info]bovil. Finally, I crashed.

ThinBot, and a truly wretched photo of the charming and handsome [info]kproche

Today, the schedule is heavier. Expect very light blogging tomorrow.

P.S. — Sorry I failed to tag everyone in the photos, but I am very tight for time as I make this post.

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User: martianmooncrab
Date: 2012-09-01 17:50 (UTC)
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Your lunch needs a formal introduction!
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