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[conventions] Worldcon, day three

Yesterday began with my usual morning walk along the lakeside. I then met Janet Freeman-Daily for breakfast, where we mostly talked cancer. After that I was on a fairly insane panel that was round one of a five-part world building workshop.


Some of my fellow panelists

I bounced from that straight to a photo shoot with Locus photographer Beth Gwinn. We went back to the police car graveyard, which on close inspection proved to be movie cars rather than true police cruisers. Dani Martin came along to be Beth's minion and lighting grip, and took a few photos with my iPhone.

Note the roll cage inside; photo by Dani Martin

Beth shooting me; photo by Dani Martin

Me and a cop car; photo by Dani Martin

After that, I caught lunch in the neighboring food court with Bryan Thomas Schmidt. I then hied off to a panel on moral ambiguity in SF, with a literally overflow crowd.

The packed house

My fellow panelists

Nikki Deasy took me offsite for a nice dinner and some low key conversation.

Me, with dinner; photo by Nikki Deasy

The evening wound up spending some more time barconning with Sally McLennan, hitting a few parties, then wrapping it up.

P.S. — Sorry I failed to tag everyone in the photos, but I am very tight for time as I make this post.

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