Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Another dinner out

Last night, I went to dinner with Lisa Costello and a number of her closest friends. Which was pretty awesome to do. I wasn't terribly impressed with the food, but the company was very enjoyable. It's always odd, going to someone else's party. Some of these people have known each other since college, which is to say, more than three decades now.

Lisa is relocating to Portland next month. She's planning to share a house with Jersey Girl in Portland, conveniently close to Nuevo Rancho Lake. This means her lifelong friends are saying goodbye to her. And a good portion of this is probably my fault.

No rotten tomatoes were thrown, thankfully. I had worried a bit.

Sometimes there is great goodness, even in the middle of being inducted once more for my latest tour of duty in hell. This weekend will also be great goodness.

Tags: baltimore, friends, personal, portland, radiantlisa

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