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[cancer] A logistics implosion

The result of my surgical oncologist's various interventions is that I have an appointment with one of his colleagues here in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins. Unfortunately, the doctor went to Brazil yesterday, and won't be back until Sunday. The first possible appointment was Monday.

I have accepted that appointment, and changed my return flight to Tuesday. This is very expensive. On the plus side, I'll spend a couple of more days with Lisa Costello.

In following up on that appointment, I discovered that the records transmittal from my hospital to Johns Hopkins was incomplete. This despite multiple people at Johns Hopkins assuring me they would contact me if there was any problem. I insisted they double check, and lo, records were missing for three of my four doctors. My hospital has faxed (or refaxed, I have no idea at which end the error lies) the relevant records.

All of this rescheduling has made an utter hash of next week's appointments and social plans. I have rescheduled Tuesday's port implant surgery, which is now set for Friday, September 14th at 6 am. The first chemo session has been postponed again to September 21st. That may change if the surgical plan changes after the Johns Hopkins meetings.

I am still seeing my therapist on Wednesday, and still getting a follow-up CT on Thursday. Also, still planning to keep my Wednesday lunch date with [info]kenscholes. Everything else is hash until I see if there's further fallout. This includes me waiting to reschedule various social cancellations.

I'm extremely frazzled right now. This is fundamentally a good thing, but the situation has become a logistical mess, to put it mildly.

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