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[links] Link salad loves morning glory

Review of Mainspring by Jay Lake — They liked it.

A reader reacts to When the Villain Comes Home — They liked my story.

Global warming? Sea otters to the rescue! — Teh cutes! (From David Goldman.)

FBI's New Billion Dollar Face Recognition System — Feel safer yet? (Via my aunt M.)

“We” Don’t Owe $16 Trillion; and You Don’t Owe $50,000

Romney: Sorry, No Preexisting Conditions Guarantee Unless You’re Already Insured — Do you really want to live in conservative America? Because if you're sick, the Republican party will let you die there.

?otD: Do you know where you're going to?

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Body movement: 0 minutes (airport walking to come)
Hours slept: 5.0 (solid)
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