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SF is dying – again – and gritty epic fantasy is gritty

When I split an infinitive, God damn it […] it will stay split — Raymond Chandler on grammar and copy editing, along with some linguistic neepery. You're welcome.

Roger Ebert on Cloud Atlas

Chimp (and Elephant) Art

Sunday Fantasy #385 — Some very weird aviation art from x planes, for all you aircraft and SF fans out there.

There Is No Klingon Word for DeferenceStar Trek and the law.

Curiosity tests new camera, has nowhere to spend its penny

Explosion on Jupiter Spotted by Amateur Astronomers

Does asteroid mining threaten the earth? — The Kessler syndrome?

'Living Mammoth Cells' Found in Eastern Russia — The photo with this article looks like Chewbacca's autopsy.

Sexual selection in the fossil record — Yeah, I've been on dates like that.

Caves of Nottingham — This is pretty intense and cool.

The rush to exploit an increasingly ice-free ArcticThree perspectives discuss how Arctic nations are preparing the way.

It's all a giant conspiracy! (To some readers of climate blogs)Some of the climate skeptic community has bought into conspiracy theories. Gee. Who could possibly have predicted that obsessive belief in counterfactuals would lead to obsessive belief in counterfactuals?

“They Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster”: Chris Kluwe Explains Gay Marriage To The Politician Who Is Offended By An NFL Player Supporting It — That kind of thinking only applies if you live in the reality-based community.

Slurs only bolster Sandra Fluke's cause — I don't suppose I should be surprised by this, but the endless willful misinterpretation of Fluke's original testimony and her statements since is just bizarre. No worse, I suppose, than the conservative willful misinterpretation of "You didn't build that." WHen your narratives aren't evidence-based in the first place, then the evidence of your own intellectual dishonesty simply doesn't matter.

The Ghost of George W. BushThe conventions are over, but the individual who will determine the 2012 election didn’t attend either of them. His name is George W. Bush. President who? According to the GOP, Obama is responsible for Iraq, Afghanistan, TARP, the auto bailout, the economic crisis and probably the heartbreak of psoriasis. That Bush fellow? Never heard of him.

The Deafness Before the Storm — The Bush White House and the infamous bin Laden briefings. Yep, your Republican party. Strong on national security since, well, never.

The Price of Hugging the President — Read this piece from Ta-Nehisi Coates. This is why I am a liberal-progressive, and can never, ever be a conservative. I can neither think that way, nor associate with a political party that fosters that kind of thinking. I have a lot of trouble believing anyone rational and humane can do so.

Desperately Seeking Scandals: The Right-Wing Media's Attempt To Take Down Obama — One of the few places where Your Liberal Media is actually more or less playing fair instead of slavishly toeing the conservative line is in generally not enabling these kinds of narratives, as they so faithfully did during the Clinton and Bush years.

Top Ten Bad Signs for Romney — We can only hope. And really, what the hell happened to the GOP? They used to be able to run scorched earth campaigns like masters. Now…? (Not that I'm complaining, but if I were conservative, I probably would be.)

?otD: House or home?

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