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[cancer] More planning, staring into the barrel

Spent a fair amount of time yesterday preparing to meet with my attorney, meeting with my attorney, and following up on the meeting with my attorney. This included understanding the details of how my Last Will and Testament has changed, with respect to how my copyrights and intellectual property are handled. I'll detail this in a later post, but very briefly speaking, we've established a trust to manage the copyrights with [info]the_child as the beneficiary. This solves some issues with quirks of Oregon law regarding executorship, and also (probably) solves some long term posthumous issues around copyright inheritance and rights management. (Also, Lynne Thomas informs me that once we have some more details ironed out, she is supportive of me blogging about aspects of the archive agreement, especially including the ongoing open questions. So watch for that.)

As you might imagine, this did not put me in an improved frame of mind.

Today, Ace Jordyn is taking me for another CT scan. I'm not nearly as nervous about this one, given that we're just checking on an already well understood situation. This follow-up is required because of the time lag between the last scan and the beginning of treatment next week. So, another domino falls as I approach chemo. Tomorrow, port implant surgery.

Tonight will be my traditional pre-treatment family-and-friends dinner. That will be nice, even if the occasion is a bit morbid.

I continue to process. Some days are good, some days are bad. I'm also dreadfully behind on paperwork and correspondence. If you are expecting something from me and I have not acknowledged that, please feel free to reach out again.

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