Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[culture] Again with the meds

You know the old problem of why hot dogs are ten to a pack but buns are eight to a pack? One thing I've noticed in medicine is a tendency to do that sort of thing with prescription drugs.

I had port implant surgery yesterday. I was given two Vicodin in the hospital during recovery. I was also given a Vicodin prescription for pain management at home. Since returning to Nuevo Rancho Lake from the hospital, I have taken exactly two more Vicodin. I am highly unlikely to take any further pills, and if I do, it will be one or two at the most.

My prescription is for fifty pills.

What the hell do I need fifty Vicodin for? Even if I were dreadfully pain-sensitive and tanking up on the damned things at every conceivable opportunity, that's a significant oversupply. Given my pain tolerance and my aversion to opiates, this is a multi-year ration of pills.

I don't really care. I just find it weird. And this kind of oversupply must be a contributing factor to healthcare cost overruns, however small it might be. So what is up with giving me fifty of these things?

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