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METAtropolis: Cascadia — An audio review.

Professional Standards — What it takes (or took in 1934) to make it in the news business. (Via Marta Murvosh.)

Five Reasons Cord-Cutting May Not Be For YouAre you ready to ditch cable? It's not for everyone--yet. I ditched cable tv back in 1994, haven't regretted it yet.

Spreepark Berlin Sits Abandoned 11 Years After Closing — (Thanks to [info]mlerules.)

Love To Hate Cilantro? It's In Your Genes And Maybe, In Your Head — (Via [info]garyomaha.)

A First: Organs Tailor-Made With Body’s Own Cells

Atomic bond types discernible in single-molecule images

Bee study lifts lid on hive habitsExperiments on division of labour among honeybees reveal why some worker bees are foragers while others nurse their queens.

World's Shiniest Fruit — Weird. (Via [info]willyumtx.)

A Solar Filament Erupts — Another awesome APOD image.

From dry rivers to dead deer, drought's impact felt everywhere — No climate issues here. Move along, citizen.

The staggering decline of sea ice at the frontline of climate changeScientists on board Greenpeace's vessel exploring the minimum extent of the ice cap are shocked at the speed of the melt. Remember, kids, climate change is a liberal conspiracy. Pay no attention to the facts on the ground, your ideology will always be correct.

He Said, She Said, and the Truth — How come the wrong end of fact checking almost always seems to be the conservative view? You know, the one Your Liberal Media always presents as part of fair, balanced reporting.

Canadian the only illegal alien caught in U.S. fake-voter dragnet[A]fter months of searching, only one alien falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen has been caught, charged and convicted in Florida. And this is why Republicans the nation wide are eager to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of likely Democratic voters. To protect the sanctity of the polls from a single rogue Canadian! No partisan interest here, no sir. (Snurched from the always excellent Lowering the Bar.)

Top Romney Staffer Denies Campaign Disarray

U.S. state officials in stealth mode on health exchanges — Because GOPers at the state level are just as destructive as the national party. (Via [info]threeoutside.)

Thank You, Paul Ryan Thanks to Ryan's very explicit advocacy of scrapping public Medicare in favor of vouchers, seniors are returning to their natural Democratic home. The transparently bogus effort of the Romney-Ryan ticket to walk back Ryan's voucher proposal -- and alter it into a plan where seniors get to choose traditional public Medicare or vouchers -- only reinforces the voter perception of Romney as someone who keeps changing his story.

Romney enters critical phase, will talk up economic plan — Because those very same policies worked out so well under Dubya.

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