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[cancer] Chemo session one, day three (series three)

Antineoplastic drugs

Day three dawns. Day two including visits from Team E— and [info]tillyjane (a/k/a my mom), as well as [info]the_child making an early experience. Ace Jordyn and the distaff half of Team E— went linen shopping for the wonderful new bed that Lisa Costello bought us, then we all watched Chicken Runimdb ] after dinner, which was silly fun.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, in terms of side effects. The first stirring of peripheral neuropathy, in that I developed a spiky lump in my throat while drinking cold water. No more cold for me. Also, episodic hiccups through much of the evening which were not related to food intake or gulping air, and not amenable to my usual highly effective hiccup cure.

One thing which has already become an issue is calcium intolerance. I'm on an antibiotic called Doxycycline hyclate, which I will be using twice daily through this chemo series on order to cope with the significant dermal side effects of the Vectibix which is anchoring my chemotherapy treatments riding on the FOLFOX substrate. Vectibix can produce a severe rash and acne, which is significantly exacerbated by sun exposure. The Doxycycline is prescribed to deal with that. Likewise, the Doxycycline also is sensitive to sun exposure. Also, the Hydrocortisone 1% cream to deal with rashes on a topical basis.

As it happens, calcium is a Doxycycline binder. This means I can have no dairy within two hours before or after taking the meds. Either I eat breakfast and dinner dairy-free, or I have a separate non-dairy snack later to take the antibiotic with. Not all that difficult to deal with, but a bit inconvenient considering my eating habits. Combine this with the chemo-induced cyclical lactose intolerance I have historically experienced, and I suspect my love affair with cheese is going on an extended hiatus.

Likewise, no more driving in the car with the top down for me. Long sleeves, a hat and heavy sunscreen are strong recommended for any outings.

No milk? No sunlight? I'm turning into a vampire!

Ah, the manifold benefits of chemo.

Now I have to find a source of unfortified almond milk if I still want to enjoy breakfast cereal.

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