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[cancer] A bit more recovery from chemo

I was reasonably energetic until about 3:30 yesterday, after which I was out of gas. That being said, I wasn't miserable, just flat flat flat. [info]tillyjane was over helping [info]the_child with her homework, while Ace Jordyn made a lovely dinner based on Jersey Girl in Portland's homemade sauerkraut. I just laid around and twitched, though I did summon up the energy for some unusual (on the first day after chemo, I mean) lower GI activity. As I said on Twitter last night, being on chemo is like winning the toilet paper lottery.

Also, [info]the_child and Ace Jordyn sewed on the first two bells yesterday evening.



Taking [info]mlerules to the airport this morning, then a full day of work, then I'm going to try to do a little writing. We'll see if the post-chemo fog has lifted. Early dinner with my parents tonight, then early bedtime.

I feel ok. But then, this is just the beginning.

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