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[links] Link salad knows we got so much power now

Must-Have Primary Texts for the Steampunk Scholar

How to Make a Book DisappearJonah Lehrer's discredited Imagine has vanished from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and his publisher's website. Why that's bad news for readers. As tipster [info]corwynofamber says, "the future of censorship is digital".

Doctors Sift Through Patients' Genomes To Solve Medical Mysteries — (Via Ellen Eades.)

Anesthesia Method Suggests Possible Cure For Post-trauma Stress — This is the procedure that has been of such benefit to [info]kenscholes.

26 Ridiculous Sex-Ed Fails — This is what happens you let faith-based thinking interfere with reality. (Via [info]danjite.)

Justices will soon decide whether to take up same-sex marriage appeals — Who knows? The conservative Roberts Court might do the right and moral thing for the second time in its history. I'm not optimistic.

Mars Curiosity rover touches rock, 'does a science' Curiosity spent the past several days investigating a strange pyramid-shaped stone named 'Jake Matijevic,' testing out some of the gear at the end of its 7-foot-long arm.

Einstein’s Brain Goes Digital With iPad App

Google Street View maps the Great Barrier ReefWeb users around the world can now virtually dive on the world's most beautiful reefs after a group of scientists map the seabed using special panoramic cameras.

Space shuttle over LA

Presidents—and would-be presidents—can't resist meddling with NASA

Meeting A Troll... — This man is more merciful than I would have been. (Via [info]cypherindigo.)

'Every Person Is Afraid of the Drones': The Strikes' Effect on Life in Pakistan — Feel safer now? We're terrorizing an entire nation so you can.

In San Francisco, Prop. 8 backer to head Catholic ChurchThe pope's appointment of Salvatore Cordileone has been called the 'Bombshell by the Bay.' Many gay and lesbian Catholics worry that they will be marginalized after his arrival. Yep, really got their finger on the pulse of America.

Ex-megachurch employee faces new charges as Tulsa police identify 4th victim of alleged abuse — This is why America needs more Christian values.

A Century of Voting Patterns — (Via Lisa Costello.)

Ohio Tea Partier attempts to intimidate student voters at OSU — Conservatives can't win on ideas, so they try to win by cheating.

A Conservative History of the United States — Make your own facts! It's fun! And much more satisfying that dealing with the messy nuances of the reality-based world.

Sandy Rios: Bush Gave Us Middle East 'Peace for Ten Years'Rios blasted Obama supporters for claiming that George W. Bush left him an economic crisis while refusing to admit that Bush “left them peace, he left them peace for ten years,” and now “we are reaping the bitter fruits of chaos not only in the Middle East but in the world at large because we have not been dealing with them with strength” like Bush did. The conservative mind is so delusional. This is unhinged. (Snurched from Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Conservative Group Claims Obama Has ‘Communist Beliefs,’ Compares His Policies To Hitler’s — Talk about confused concerning 20th century history. But, hey, this is conservative America. Guys, listen up: You keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

We Are the 96 Percent[N]early all Americans have used government social policies at some point in their lives. The beneficiaries include the rich and the poor, Democrats and Republicans. Almost everyone is both a maker and a taker. The difference is that conservatives don't count government social programs that apply to them. Only help for others they find less deserving.

Movement Conservatives Conveniently Forget Their Role in Making Romney Viable

?otD: Do you know how many time zones there are in the Soviet Union?

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