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[links] Link salad yawns

Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Shreck and The Persuaders and adapting globalized pop culture to local tastes — International fan fic.

Boys with babies and women with knives: Rethinking gender assumptionist power structures — Kameron Hurley is smart. (Via Marta Murvosh.)

How one man spent his 22nd birthday. — This is sweet. (Via [info]threeoutside.)

Amazon Starts a Shopping Site for the Environmental Crowd — Oh, goodie. Another opportunity for Jeff Bezos to unapologetically abuse his market power at the expense of individuals. Another site I will never shop at. (Thanks to Dad.)

Tell me about acupuncture — Roger Ebert on healthcare and treatment methods.

Seeking Cures, Patients Enlist Mice Stand-Ins — Wow. I wish I had access to this technique. (Via [info]mikigarrison.)

Buddhist statue stolen by Nazis made of meteoriteAn ancient Buddhist statue that a Nazi expedition brought back from Tibet shortly before World War II was carved from a meteorite that crashed on Earth thousands of years ago. (Thanks to Dad.)

DNA from maggot guts used to identify corpse in criminal caseBody was so badly burned that collecting DNA samples was impossible.

Surprising Troughs on Asteroid Vesta Might Have Resulted From Collision

Obama administration says it will consider same-sex partnerships in deportation proceedings — Democrats, doing the right thing where Republicans would burn the country down first.

Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Huff Nitrous Oxide — Best healthcare system in the world. (If you're a conservative who's never been seriously ill.

Bishop says voting Democrat could cost you salvation — Um, yeah. As the post says, Yes, that’s the institution that regularly protects men who raped children attempting to tell you what is or is not evil. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit.)

'Unskewed Polls' Critics Miss Basics Of Party Identification — Not to mention missing the basics of reality. But then, conservatives consciously opted out of the reality-based community.

More problematic GOP voter forms are found in FloridaElection officials report dozens of potentially fraudulent registrations in the state, in a blow to the Republican National Committee's get-out-the-vote operation. Yep, definitely need to stop those brown people from voting.

Boehner’s lawyer: Blue-eyed people deserve more rights than gays — And that is why I will never, ever be a Republican. Because conservatives think this way.

Top 10 Memorable Debate Moments — (Thanks to David Goldman.)

Is This the Nastiest Election Ever? — Not hardly. (Thanks to Dad.)

Ann Romney concerned about Mitt’s “mental well-being” if elected Prez

Things Are So Bad For Romney, Republicans Are Letting Him Tout RomneyCare — It is amazing how statesmanlike Kenyan Muslim socialism becomes when practiced by a Republican.

Romney: A win in Pennsylvania would be a ‘shock’ — Tell it like it is, Mittens.

?otD: Sleepy?

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