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[links] Link salad woke, the boys had gone, but not its gun

Aircraft Carriers in Space — Wow. A must-read article about space combat in SF, from Foreign Policy of all place. Incidentally, on Twitter yesterday, @cstross raised an objection to the value of this article, mostly based around the flaws in the surface naval analogy, but I still think it's pretty important. (Thanks to [info]goulo.)

Bayer wins early U.S. approval for colon cancer drug — This will be my fourth chemo 'bullet' when we need it in a year or so.

Ancient Burial Cloth Provides Clues To Bronze Age Trade

Bird brains? Crows remember your face (and know you’re hiding in there)Crows are more like us than we might have guessed.

Awakener — Ballast gardens? Wow. A thoughtful, interesting piece from BLDGBLOG.

Demolishing Heisenberg with clever math and experimentsGood, general measurement choices eliminate uncertainty. The headline is slightly misleading, The story doesn't describe an unseating of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, but more of a partial end run around it within specific quantum domains. Still pretty interesting stuff.

Embracing 3-D Printers, Manufacturer Tells Customers to Print Their Own Replacement Parts — Unfortunately, they don't mean body parts Yet. (Via [info]danjite.)

Displaying the Dinosaurs of the Digital Age

Lowering Life’s Chances on Super-Earths

Also Nazis, Part 2 — Jim Wright on the conservative crazy. As usual, in their own words. I literally don't understand how thinking human beings can believe some of the things Republicans mouth every day. This isn't just a difference of political opinion or worldview. Some of it is deeply insane truth-twisting.

The GOP’s problem isn’t just the salesman. It’s what he’s selling. — Maybe the luster is finally wearing off the conservative crazy.

The Time for Defining Moments Has Passed — Conservative commentator Daniel Larison on Romney's presidential campaign issues.

?otD: Did you leave a note to lead him on?

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